Access tailor-made banking.

When chasing financial excellence, you need a partner that will help you fulfill your dreams. We have created the platinum account with exciting benefits fit for your lifestyle and aspirations. See below requirements and check if you qualify.

  • Linked to an investment account.
  • Personalized relationship management.
  • Pre-approved Overdraft facility.
  • Personalized relationship management.
  • Platinum branded Cheque Book.
  • Platinum branded VISA Debit Card.
  • Additional debit card (with a limit) for a spouse.
  • Access to Digital Banking.
  • Salary range (P24,999.99 - P49,999.99).
  • Payslip and/or letter from employer confirming salary.
  • Proof of residential address (e.g. Current utility bill, a letter from the local chief and Council rates invoice not older than 3 months).


Financial Tools

Need some assistanceclaculating how much a payment will be or how quickly you can pay off your debt? Our financial calculators here to help!