Access security for you and your loved ones.

At Access Bank, we want to plan and be there for you throughout life’s different phases and unexpected hurdles, including death.  

Plan for life's unexpected challenges. We have customized this offering to suit you and the needs of your family in the event of death. Get equal cover for your immediate family with the Motshelo Group Cover.

Terms of Policy

  • Main member: life.
  • Other dependants: dependent on the survival of the main member, in the event that the main member dies the spouse or alternate member may opt to become the main member and cover will continue for all dependants.
  • There is a 6 months waiting period for this product.
  • An initial minimum deposit of P100
  • Minimum monthly installments of  P100
  • The investment period of 12 months.
  • No withdrawal is allowed.
  • A penalty charge for early redemption will be applicable.
  • No transaction or management fees.
  • Option to roll over at maturity.
  • The ability to make additional deposits at any time. However, the funds will only be available on the maturity date of the investment.
  • Access to  Digital Banking).


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