Access security for your loved ones.

It is important to plan for all of life’s chapters, even death. Have peace of mind knowing that your family is covered and protected, even when you’re not around. See below requirements to check if you qualify for the Legacy Standard Cover.

  • Return of premiums paid only upon survival to the 15th year of the policy for premiums paid over 15 consecutive claim free years. This is a once off benefit, i.e. no further cashbacks will be paid. Instead, the benefit will be increased by 20% of the total premium paid up to the 15th year.
  • The term of the policy is as chosen by the policyholder but subject to the minimum of 15 years and limited by the termination age of 70 years.
  • No minimum or maximum sum assured on the life cover, provided that the minimum premium of P200 is achieved.
  • Cover on the capital disability benefit cannot exceed P3million or 7.5 times the insured’s annual income.
  • Sum assured on accidental death cannot exceed the death cover.
  • Access to the Mobile Banking App.
  • Access Bank account holder.
  • Minimum age at entry for life cover – 21years.
  • Maximum age at entry for life cover – 55 years.
  • Termination age for life cover and accidental death – 70 years.
  • Maximum age at entry for capita disability – 55 years.
  • Maximum termination age for capital disability – 70 years.


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